Sale Runs from 2/13/2024 - 05/31/2024  

Save big on these select titles

We have two Kickstarters running in Feb and March, and rather than offer my existing books as "add-ons," we are making them available here (all but Riyria Revelation Hardcovers are discounted 10% - 50%). We will ship 2 - 3 days from order receipt (based on volume) NOTE: Oversea orders will initially have shipping set at $0.01. Once we know what books are in the order, we will calculate shipping costs (and subsidize the amount). You can then choose to pay shipping or cancel your order. Also note that non-US shipping does not include VAT or Import fees - which will be collected before delivery and paid to your country's taxation department. WARNING!!! IF YOU ATTEMPT TO BUY A SOLD OUT ITEM, THIS STORE DOES NOT REPORT AN ERROR. ON OUR SIDE WE GET AN ORDER THAT IS $0.00. SO PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE SOLD OUT PRODUCTS - I'M SPEAKING TO BACKERKIT TECHNICAL SUPPORT TO SEE IF SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS.